Sunday, November 28, 2010

Around this time last year...

This past week has been a bit of a fog for me. I had a head cold that decided to turn into something much bigger forcing me to really take it easy & without my adorable children with me (for this just now past Thanksgiving Holiday) I have had a lot of time to think. I have been reminiscing about where I was this time last year....
My mothers home that I took last fall. This where I spent this past Thanksgiving

As I get back to my commitment to start blogging again, I have asked myself the question over & over, how honest should I be? I then keep remembering the many clients who have told me time & again that it is my ability to be real, that makes me so easy to relate to & work with. So why change that now?

These past few years, especially the most recent year has turned my world upside down & challenged the very fiber of my being. I have had to learn (& am still learning) for myself, what it means to make lemonade out of lemons. My Design Director in College used to tell us that humans are very adaptable. For me though, when adapting to less than ideal circumstances...such as the heartache of losing my beautiful home in September 2009. I have learned that do not adapt as easily to environment changes as others might. 
Saying goodbye to my home in  September 2009
In November 2009 a year ago, three weeks before Thanksgiving I was sort of volunteered (by my ex husband) to refurbish some props for the Mountain West Ballet Nutcracker Performance, that my daughter would be performing in. It is fit & proper that all parents volunteer two hours of their time towards the performance because of the non profit nature of the Ballet Company, which is more a result of the economical crisis than anything. My total hours of time volunteered would turn out to be over 100.

I was asked to refurbish a sleigh a clock & three life sized presents....

My nature as a perfectionist & my career as an interior designer with an artistic background, would not allow me to do this half here are the results.
The Sleigh was my favorite. I couldn't believe the condition of the piece they gave me to work with, & that they had used it for the past few years as  you see it here.
It took iridescent paint, glitter, feathers, fabric, strings of lights, gobs of gemstones to transform it into a perfectly magical sleigh for Clara.
Even though the pictures do not do these justice, the detail on the back was pretty fun as well. I spent a lot of time gluing every little gem on in a precise pattern making sure it mirrored as closely as possible on both sides.
 The presents were my second favorites & I didn't make them easy on myself either...I never do. They were huge spray painted boxes with sloppy ribbons on them
I found a beautiful pattern on some silverware from the 1800's that my boyfriends mother had given him & used it as my inspiration to create a stencil for the red box.
 I wanted the boxes to look like they were wrapped with wrapping paper. The purple boxes were no exception. I used a stencil for these that I found at Hobby Lobby.
I fell totally in love with this peacock feather ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I kicked myself for not getting extra for myself  & of course it was gone when I went back. 

  I thought the clock was just awful!
I had a few of my dear creative friends help me with this of which, who despite his own heartaches & struggles (mainly having lost his wife to breast cancer around this same time the year before) is always there for his friends & doing anything he can to lighten their load. His concern for me & his hands always extending to help are always deeply appreciated.
He did a beautiful job! 
 I finished everything on late one night, which was five days before Thanksgiving. I left the next day for Vegas for three days to visit my dear cousin, who was fighting her own battle with cancer & was undergoing chemo, who happily is in remission now a year later. I spent three days helping her with her adorable little boy before driving back home the day before Thanksgiving to spend it with my children. That next week the performances began & my sweet little dancer showed me her own dedication to the beauty of the arts.....

My baby girl as a baby mouse in the nutcracker
I wish I had pictures of how the props looked on stage. They were incredible if I do say so myself. As hard as this project was to do, with all my responsibility's, stresses & worries I have fond memories now looking back on it. This project saved me in a way becuase without it I am not so sure I would have been able to feel of that special Christmas magic that was right around the corner. Through moments like this I remember that creating beauty  is always the best remedy for what ever life throws at me.