Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mary's Formal Living Room...

My intentions were good. I promise!  I had intended to continue to blog about my project for Mary much sooner than this. Still it is better than my track record...

 I admittedly have been bogged down by one thing I despise most of all & that is un-needed drama & just to clarify it is not client drama. See I love drama at the ballet, on the stage, dancing, television, at the movies & in the theater. I even love a little drama in a story or a joke & of course my favorite kind of drama is the drama that comes from a perfectly designed room, sculpture or artwork. 

 On that note I will get back to the subject I put in the title, which is Mary's Living Room. Now I am finally back on track...
Abby at Thomasville Furniture is one of my favorite designers to work with & she seems to get the way I think. Even better! 

When you are selecting furniture for a client who loves a more traditional style & collects antiques...notice the antique spinning wheel by the fireplace...it is going in the basement by the way. You cannot just put any sofa in the room. Well I couldn't anyway. We were limited because of the size of the room which is long but rather narrow. With a statement making fireplace like this one that I designed with the help of carpenter Chad Cox, the sofa needs to be a supporting character otherwise it is like having one life of the party guest among a group of people dozing off...

This sofa is the perfect size & is simply amazing. I am not always a fan of the color blocked look but this is just lovely.

Abby was a sweet heart & text me over a few pictures of the chairs which arrived recently. I am in love with this chair. It is so much better than I had imagined & what I imaged was amazing!

Still much to do here but I enjoy the journey! Now this is some drama I can handle!


  1. Nice! I really like that sofa! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Me too! I think the chairs are divine so I am sure the sofa with fall in line!