Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sherwin-Willaims Colormix 2012 Color Forecast Event Review…but first the Controversy, how do you feel about a Color Forecast?

So last week Daltile in Salt Lake City Utah, held the Sherwin-Willaims Colormix event for 2012. This is the second year they have promoted & sponsored this event & after the last one…I was not going to miss it for anything! That meant running to pickup children (one of them early) & having my sweet mother take my daughter to ballet & my rushing after the event to go get her…you do what you’ve got to do sometimes!

When it comes to the New Hot colors of the year every brand, group or company is going to have there own take on it. So just so you are aware, another paint company will focus on different combinations & tones of these colors...but you will still see a consistency in how they all relate. I personally find it all very fascinating. 

This is what you would get right now if you were to google color trend 2012. Here also is the link for the Pantone Fashion 2012 Spring Color Report. Pantone is a big industry to follow if you love knowing what is new & upcoming in color trends. 

Here is the handout I received  from my Sherwin-Williman Colormix event. It is just to give you a idea. Last year there was more emphasis on color groupings that create a specific vibe in their relationship with each other & these were more complimentary, split complimentary & triadic combinations of colors. 

This year they had divided them into four more analogous almost monochromatic groups, that they categorized as Red, Blue, Green & Neutral. In the following next four blogs I will cover each one & its focus, inspiration & share the things that personally inspire me from these four different color palettes.

But first I want to bring up the controversy…

Last year when I mentioned going to this event on my facebook business page A E Design, it got quite the discussion going.  Here is one of the comments that I received from a lady I will call ~”CC”

Who decides? And are people so gullible that they just want to choose what they're told is going to be popular? Is it part of the "planned obsolescence" that manufacturers use--where they design things to wear out and they want us to buy new things?~CC

This it is interesting to see that to some the color forecast, seems more like a color dictatorship. My response was rather lengthy but here it is….I put it in terms that I hoped most folks could relate to. 

“There is a huge committee of design experts who get together every year that looks at the lifestyles & the influences of our culture based on where the world is at & we are at as people. They decide what the strongest influences will be & they follow the trends & products that are already evolving, what is available & what people are being drawn to.…...“You can look at it as a negative that people “dictate” what will be in style, but there has to be order in all things. It works well because when the colors are similar everywhere you go you can find a skirt at Kohl’s & a blouse that matches at Target. You can find towels at one store & a complimentary rug at another. It actually creates consistency & order. Color has a huge scientific & psychological impact on people & that is always considered by these experts….. Everything around you has been designed & created by someone….Not just the items you dislike but the items you love in the colors you love. “~Moi

I also said this regardless of the reaction I might receive…

In a struggling economy those in a creative field seem to be the least appreciated in this sort of expertise. What people take for granted is that Colors experts, designers & Artists have a bigger influence in our world then are given credit. Our world would be unattractive & chaotic without them working to create visual order….plus their jobs are just as valuable to them, as well as they have to put food on the table for their own families.”~Me again 

Her response to mine was…..

“I am not disappointed in the committee approach, it just surprises me a bit that it kind of imposes limitations on an artist's personal flair. Everyone kind of moves to the same colors for a period of time. In some ways, the order also makes other color combinations less appealing. Quite political isn't it? “~CC

So, is the color forecast limiting? Or is in inspiring? I actually think by circulating through colors, combinations & trends each color gets a chance in the spotlight. I also think that although we need & crave change we also need consistency all around us in our products & environments’…just some thoughts. 

So I am curious…How do you feel about a Color Forecast?


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